Vicious Bloodrose Pack
Welcome to the pack hidden in a dark, yet snowy forest at the Alaskan forest. Feel free to browse around our forums or read the rules and guideline before joining our site

We are not evil... Just vicious....
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 Vicious Bloodrose Advertisement

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PostSubject: Vicious Bloodrose Advertisement   Sat Jan 30, 2016 1:30 am

Ƭнɛ Ѵιcισʋƨ βℓσσ∂яσƨɛ
"We may not be evil, but we are vicious"
In the forest of darkness lies between a wolf pack of the Vicious Bloodrose, it may sound and look evil but believe me, we aren't evil... we are vicious... We are not a normal pack that any of you may seem. We fight to anyone that gets in our way, we will not give in to our rivals, we stand up for each other and ourselves... We are... The Vicious Bloodrose...

Pack created
Admin: Azuris
Moderators: -
Member count: 1
Key Info
: Female
: Male
Ranking system

Rank colors & Info
Alpha: The alpha of the pack is the leader. They are the main one in control and sets the laws of the pack. They are not required to hunt with the pack, but on some occasion they do.

Beta: The Beta is the second in command and enforces the law when the current alpha is not present. If both of the alpha die than the beta(s) take the alpha position and lead the pack, unless the alpha has said otherwise.

Hunter: The Hunters of the pack usually hunts food for the pack when prey is scarce. There isn't any Lead Hunters as they mainly take turns on who decides to kill on what they choose to.

Tracker: The Trackers mainly track down rivals of the pack as they were to have a natural strong sense of smell. The Trackers are usually with the Fighters leading them to fight off their rivals

Warrior: Or as the pack would called it as their 'Fighters' they work together along with the Trackers mainly at night when rivals are nearby the pack's territory(which includes the borderlines of course.)

Subordinate: These are the non-ranked members of the pack. They will still participate in fighting and hunting though. They also watch over the pups when the other wolves aren't around to protect them.

Youth: They are also known as the pups of the wolf pack, they mainly stay in the den or to explore around the territory.

Joining form
[color=#D0A9F5]Wolf name(your username):[/color]

Alliance form
[color=#A9E2F3]Pack name:[/color]
[color=#58D3F7]Forum/site link:[/color]
[color=#2ECCFA]Why do you wish to be with us?[/color]
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Vicious Bloodrose Advertisement
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