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 Role playing guide(Read if you are new!)

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PostSubject: Role playing guide(Read if you are new!)   Sun Jan 24, 2016 11:11 am

Many users have been role playing around in forums or gaming, but if you are new to what's role playing and how to do it, read this guide here and it will help you a bunch

-Text talk
-Grammars & Spellings

Text talk in role play:
So, I have read a few fan-fictions and noticed that there are text-talking, if you are asking what it's about, its when you shortened a word such as eg: You(u), Tomorrow(Tmr), Why(Y), etc... I recommend that you do not do this because some times it confuses other users(and it even confuses me some times). So please make it literate by typing out the full word.

This is also important when it comes to role playing in forums. Please make sure that you keep these two seperately when it is IC(In Character) do not put brackets as it confuses other users thinking that whether it is related to the role play or not. If you want to type some thing please make sure to put OOC(Out Of Character) above or below the IC role play post.

Eg(IC: text
OOC: text)

Grammars & Spellings:
Also important to role playing... Please make sure where to and where NOT to put your punctuations correctly! And when it comes to names, please make the first letter capitalised. Make sure your spellings are rightly spelled(if you don't know how to spell, use a dictionary c:)

Role playing characters:
Everyone needs a character in order to role play right? Well since this is a wolf role-playing site, I would again, recommend that you do NOT add in any unrealistic features or fur markings. Please do not also include any accessories like bracelets, wings(but collars are acceptable if your character is a wolf-dog hybrid). Make sure your character doesn't have any powers(eg: have strengths stronger than any other wolves, super speed or healing powers.)

I've seen some role play threads have short replies/posts, I know that everyone likes it short and simple but not that too basic... It would make it less interesting and too easy for everyone to know. At least have a 2-3 sentence but it's always good to have more than that, but do not put in such a long sentence that everyone might get bored just by reading the whole role play post. So keep it short, nice, simple and basic.

If you have an opinion on your own, please feel free to share your ideas too! Suggestions will always be gladly accepted c:

Read our role play rules here
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Role playing guide(Read if you are new!)
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