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We are not evil... Just vicious....
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 Moderator guide(For Mods only!)

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PostSubject: Moderator guide(For Mods only!)   Sun Jan 24, 2016 12:05 pm

For newly joined Moderators, read our guide on what it takes to be a perfect Moderator.

- Modding the site
- Age of becoming a Mod
- Bragging
- Begging
- Level Activity
- How to join?

Site modification:
If you think that the site needs a little improvement, feel free to improve it a little but only from a permission from the Admin! And make sure to notify everyone in the forum by posting a topic in the "News & Announcements" section of the forum.

Age of becoming a Mod:
You have to be at least 14 or older as we do not want any younger users on this site to randomly locking topics eithout any reason. We also do not want them to randomly banning them too!

We know that you had became a Moderator, but that doesn't mean that you should just brag about you becoming one. This may lead to as spamming especially when posting it repeatedly on the same topic or multiple times on different threads.

We know that you always wanted to become a Mod, but are you qualified for this? Do you know what it takes too? Well, being a Mod doesn't mean that you have ask and *poof* you are offically one. Becoming a Mod takes lots of responsibility too when it comes to handling users. You have to take charge when the Admin is offline or on hiatus. So, please don't go around asking the Mods or the Admin saying "Can I be a Mod? Plz plz plz?" or repeatedly asking that. We will take it as spam if you are keeping this up.

Level activity:
Have you been around more online? Well if you are, keep this up! This site can't simply have inactive Moderators unless they have an excuse to go on a hiatus. If you are inactive without a valid reason, please let us know by messaging any of the Mods or the Admin.

How to join?
You can simply message any of the experienced Mods or the Admin by sending a message telling us that you are interested to be one. The Admin or Mod will then send a message of a sign-up form and just fill in the overalls such as eg: usernames, etc...
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Moderator guide(For Mods only!)
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